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OPENING ACT(s): Kuroma

Tue 12/3

Electric Factory
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Had Andrew and Ben not agreed (probably with a smirk) long ago that, should their ever-evolving musical collaboration called MGMT reach the crucial Third Record Threshold, they'd make that milestone eponymous, "MGMT" (the album) might well have been called something like "Step Into The Club" -- ("because it's like a multi-level club inside of our brains") -- or "Now, That's What I Call Now!" or just "MGMT - NOW!" (like the Rolling Stones' third album), because MGMT has indeed made a very now record. Songs for anyone who's "going through daily life feeling like an alien," "MGMT" draws seasoned fans and new initiates alike into the band's eureka zone, a psychic oasis offering the opposite of dumbed-down (smarted-up?) as sympathetic counsel or support for something like chronic mis-aligned-multiple-reality syndrome, DejaVu-DO or Modern malaise -- whatever you want to call it. With their resplendent third album, Ben and Andrew finally open up the MGMT inner sanctum through a brand-new sound that's about what it's all about: "sinking in -- and forgetting about time." With these ten irreducible new tracks, Andrew and Ben have significantly enhanced the MGMT catalog, definitively shattering any remnants of creative confines or stylistic pigeon holes, while continuing a pattern of naming a record years before new music exists (they'd christened their second album "Congratulations" before their first, "Oracular Spectacular," had even been released). Both minimal and maximal, "MGMT" is the band's most fully-realized, provocative and accessible collection to-date; a dense swirling force-field of musical energies, once again shoving open the perimeters of pop.

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