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XPN Welcomes

OPENING ACT(s): Cymbals Eat Guitars

Tue 5/23

Doors 7:00 / Show 8:00
Electric Factory
— $59.50 ADV - $62.50 DOS | All Ages
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Black Francis – vocals, guitar Joey Santiago – guitar David Lovering – drums Paz Lenchantin – bass, vocals Joey Santiago is in love. “I am!” he laughs. “The longest I separated from this girlfriend is probably a week. Then I listened to her again. Haha! I love it!” The object of Joey’s desire is his band’s new album, Head Carrier. The Pixies’ guitarist may have finished recording it months ago, but he remains utterly smitten. He takes it to bed and discovers little details he hadn’t noticed before. “I was shocked at some songs, they shine at lot better than I thought they would. You could listen to this forever and enjoy it.” Not surprisingly, he wants to show his new baby to the world. “I played it to some friends and both of them had goose-bumps – they just loved it! It’s tough and lush. Warm and dark and murky…” Santiago’s giddiness might come as a surprise. This isn’t his first time, after all. Head Carrier is the seventh Pixies album, in a lifespan stretching back 30 years to their formation in Boston, Massachusetts. But there is, the guitarist notes, a new element to the Pixies’ DNA this time. “It’s Paz. She’s awesome. Now, everything is just so light, we’ve got lightness. I think I lost 12 pounds it’s so light now.” Paz is Paz Lenchantin, the bass player who joined the Pixies at the start of 2014, before the release of Head Carrier’s predecessor, Indie Cindy, but after its completion. If there was any lingering uncertainty regarding her official status, even during the two years of touring that followed, that’s changed now. Her position was sealed, emotionally, when she sang one of the new album’s stellar moments, “All I Think About Now,” a song she co-wrote with Pixies’ lead singer-songwriter Charles Thompson aka Black Francis and which is a tribute to Kim Deal, the original Pixie whose role Paz now occupies. “It just came at the last minute, a week before the recording process ended,” says Lenchantin. “I came up with some chords which I showed Charles, and he really liked it and he put some lyrics to it.” “Paz said she wanted me to write a letter – a thank-you letter,” says Black Francis. “So I did. It was kinda poignant for us. It was important that song was a collaboration. Something from the Pixies’ DNA but also something from her as the new member, together.” The genesis of Head Carrier began even as Indie Cindy was being made – a direct consequence of Kim Deal’s decision to quit the band in June 2013 during a recording session at Rockfield Studios in Wales. “So we knew we had to make another one, even before we finished Indie Cindy,” says Black Francis. “That one by definition had turned into this transitional moment. We tried to make that transitional moment as good as we could, but no matter how great we potentially could make it, we knew it would still beg the question: what’s your new paradigm? It still remained transitional. Instead of becoming defining, it became transitional.” Although almost 23 years separated Indie Cindy from its predecessor, 1991’s Trompe Le Monde, the Pixies’ 2014 comeback album that felt like a solid and contiguous addition to the canon. Both records were produced by genial Liverpudlian taskmaster Gil Norton, who had also guided the band on Doolittle (1989) and then Bossanova (1990). But when Black Francis and Joey Santiago sat down to discuss what might come next, they instinctively knew a change was required.


  • Cymbals Eat Guitars

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    An indie rock band from New York City, Cymbals Eat Guitars made their critically acclaimed full-length album debut in 2009. Founded one year prior, the band comprises Joseph D'Agostino (aka Joseph Ferocious; vocals, guitars), Matt Cohen (guitar), Neil Berenholz (bass), Matthew Miller (drums), and Daniel Baer (keyboards). D'Agostino, the band's chief songwriter, first began playing with Miller in high school. Starting in the tenth grade, the two performed covers of songs from the first two Weezer albums; by the end of their senior year, though, they'd begun performing original material and recorded a demo titled Joseph Ferocious. As a college student, D'Agostino worked toward forming a full band. He placed an ad on craigslist and steadily assembled a full-band lineup that was christened Cymbals Eat Guitars upon its formation in early 2008. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank An early live performance drew the attention of Kyle "Slick" Johnson, who had previously engineered mainstream indie rock albums by Modest Mouse (We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, 2007) and the Hives (The Black and White Album, 2007). Impressed by the band's live performance, Johnson contacted the bandmembers and offered to produce their songs. Cymbals Eat Guitars made their recording debut in 2008 on Indiecater, Vol. 1: An MP3hugger Compilation with the song "Share." The following year, the band made its self-released album debut with Why There Are Mountains. Produced by Johnson, Why There Are Mountains became one of the more critically acclaimed debut albums of 2009, especially once it was crowned a Best New Music selection by the tastemaking website Pitchfork. Lenses Alien In the long parade of critical accolades that followed, comparisons were drawn to Modest Mouse, Pavement, and Built to Spill, and much was made of D'Agostino's youth and indie star potential. Amidst all of this praise, Cymbals Eat Guitars saw some lineup changes shortly after their debut, with Baer and Berenholz leaving the band for personal reasons while keyboardist Brian Hamilton and bassist Matt Whipple were brought in as replacements. In 2011, the band signed on with Barsuk Records and went into the studio with John Agnello to record its second album, Lenses Alien, which was released in the summer of that year. It would be three years before the band returned with third album Lose in 2014. It featured a new drummer, Andrew Dole. With the departure of Cohen soon after, D'Agostino was the sole remaining original bandmember for 2016's Pretty Years, which was recorded with yet another high-profile indie producer, John Congleton (St. Vincent, Explosions in the Sky).