Mastodon + Opeth + Gojira + Eagles of Death Metal

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All previously purchased tickets to the Opeth & Gojira show will be honored.

OPENING ACT(s): Devin Townsend Project , Russian Circles

Sat 5/6

Doors 3:00 / Show 3:30
Electric Factory Outdoors
— $49.99 | All Ages | SOLD OUT
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MASTODON Art is a cyclical beast. The same can easily be said of Grammy Award nominated hard rock juggernaut Mastodon. The group’s four members recognize the importance of life’s omnipresent cycles on their sixth full-length album, Once More ‘Round the Sun. OPETH There are few bands that can or will match Sweden’s Opeth. Since forming in the tiny Stockholm suburb of Bandhagen in 1990, the Swedes have eclipsed convention, defiantly crushed the odds, and, most importantly, crafted 12 stunningly beautiful, intrinsically intense albums to become one of the best bands on the planet; whether that be live or on record. GOJIRA It has always been hard to put a tag on Gojira, one of France’s most extreme bands the country’s musical pallet has ever known. But then again, the band has never really sought out such a tag, instead letting the music do the talking, preferring introspection and intelligence over preconceived notions and preexisting tags. EAGLES OF DEATH METAL Eagles of Death Metal is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed in 1998 by best friends Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme. Despite their band name, Eagles of Death Metal is not a death metal band. They released their fourth boogie rock album, Zipper Down in October of 2015. *********///// ELECTRIC FACTORY OUTDOORS \\\\\ ********* Located directly outside Philadelphia’s most celebrated concert venue, Electric Factory Outdoors takes the Factory experience outside, providing the summer concert go-er with state-of-the-art production quality and diverse food stands & vendors --- all with the Philadelphia skyline serving as the perfect backdrop!

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  • Devin Townsend Project

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    Devin Townsend Project –Transcendence biography 2016 By Chris Dick Over the course of Devin Townsend’ s storied career, a single constant has persevered: change. As far back as Steve Vai’ s Sex & Religion, which Townsend fronted, to2001’ s landmark full-length Terria to the multi-instrumentalist’ s country rock outfit Casualties of Cool to his stunning new album Transcendence, the Canadian isn’ t too interested in keeping an even musical keel. To stay the proverbial course is, well, anathema. For certain, he’ s far too impatient to write the same Strapping Young Lad song over and over—which is why he folded the band in 2007—and it’ s likely there will never be a fourth or fifth Ziltoid album (a third if we’ re lucky) because by that point he’ ll be in a totally different frame of mind for galactic puppets gone awry. To understand why Townsend, consciously and subconsciously, favors change is to know the man and his music today.

  • Russian Circles

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    Chicago-based instrumental post-rock/metal trio Russian Circles create a complex clamor of sprawling guitars, propulsive drumming, and heavy basslines. In 2016 they released their sixth full-length, Guidance.